The housekeeper

A sim­ple idea, in­spired by my res­i­dence at the EA Ho­tel. I would like to see it tried.

Take a rel­a­tively large ra­tio­nal­ist share­house. Let ev­ery­one pay 10-20% more rent. That money goes to one per­son, the house­keeper. That’s their wage, and their job is to work full-time on (some­thing like) the fol­low­ing:

  • House­keep­ing. They clean, cook shared din­ners, do gro­ceries, do dishes, etc. Or they out­source it. They make sure it gets done.

  • Com­mu­nity build­ing. They could do this in­ter­nally (host­ing weekly house meet­ings) and ex­ter­nally (host­ing events for the wider com­mu­nity). They might also work on de­vel­op­ing ra­tio­nal­ity.

  • Up­grad­ing the house. For ex­am­ple they could keep a library, add high-lu­men bulbs, put up nice art, etc

  • Coach­ing, men­tal health coun­sel­ing, con­flict re­s­olu­tion, etc

  • Ad­mis­sions. The house­keeper tries to pick peo­ple with the best per­sonal fit

Plenty of stuff to do. I think this will have some ob­vi­ous and not-ob­vi­ous benefits:

  • It is most likely more effi­cient than ev­ery­one do­ing this stuff by them­selves, al­low­ing a net in­crease in work done.

  • It will most likely in­crease the qual­ity of life of ev­ery­one liv­ing in the house.

  • I ex­pect this kind of job at­tracts peo­ple that tend to be huffelpuff-vir­tu­ous, and we want more of that.

You might add a mechanism for ac­countabil­ity, for ex­am­ple by hav­ing the house­keeper send around a weekly memo about what they’ve been do­ing, and some mechanism for hiring and re­plac­ing house­keep­ers if peo­ple want that.

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