[Question] Harry Potter and methods of rationality alternative ending.

*Spoiler Alert*

As it is clear from the title, following text deals with the plot of the book. I strongly recommend to anyone no familiar with the subject to read the book first and form a personal opinion. Also, I will be glad to see in the discussion anyone who were directly involved in creation of this artwork.

First of all, I want to thank the community and its creator and express deep respect and gratitude for the work done. I got incomparable pleasure from studying unexpected plot intricacies, consistent and well-structured thoughts of the protagonist, as well as references to outstanding works, many of which I, to my shame, did not know.

However, the finale of the book left more questions than answers.

What will Potter’s friends do when they realize that he made them orphans and did not even give the opportunity to say goodbye to parents? Why didn’t he even try to persuade his fellows to confront their parents and do their best to force them to change their minds and traditions?

What will Hermione do when she will realize that Harry could stop her, yet instead left her defenceless and then turned her into golem and personal bodyguard with help of their enemy?

Will she being literally walking dead be able to give birth? Will she give birth to some kind of unicorn trolls or nearly invincible magicians on steroids? Will her descendants even try to build diplomatic relations with humans or will turn into immortal fascist?

What will other mages do, when they get to know that Harry was so afraid to loose his inner dark counselor which is part of Voldie’s soul that he spared You-Know-Who and hid him under his own and Hermione’s protection? Somehow reminds me story of Isildur from LOTR.

Maybe i’m too optimistic, but i just hope that current ending is just possible future that Hermione had seen when she had lost her consciousness during fight with slytherins. Maybe we could do better. I dunno, maybe she could ask Hufflepuff (which are depicted as local counter-intelligence service) to help her. There’s is always a better solution.

Best regards, Klen.