The new Editor


Celebrations! The new editor is finally here!

Starting from today, all desktop users will by-default use the new visual editor that we’ve been testing for a while. While the primary goal of this is to have a better foundation on which to build future editor features, here are a number of things you can do starting from today:

  • Insert tables! A heavily requested feature.

  • Copy-paste LaTeX without everything breaking!

  • Nest bullet lists and other block elements in blockquotes! (still no nested blockquotes though, though if enough people want that, it would be easy to change)

  • Image Uploads! (Just drag-and-drop images into the editor, and things should work out naturally. You can also copy-paste, though beware that copy-pasting from other websites means we link to the copies of those images from other websites, and won’t reupload them.)

  • Much less jankyness and brokenness!

Let us know what you think about the new editor. We’ve been testing it for a while and have been pretty happy with it (and users who had opted into beta features also had predominantly positive feedback). You can also use the old editor if you run into any problems by checking the “Restore the previous WYSIWYG editor” checkbox in your user settings.