Does anyone know any kid geniuses?

I’m friends with an in­cred­ibly smart kid. He’s 14, but has been put up three grades in school at one point. He does all the ob­vi­ous en­rich­ment things which are available in the rel­a­tively small Aus­tralian city he lives in.

His life ex­pe­rience has been pretty un­usual. He doesn’t re­ally know what it’s like to be challenged in school. All his friends are way older than he is. (Once, I asked him how be­ing con­stantly around peo­ple older than him made him feel. He replied, “Con­cerned for my fu­ture.”)

He doesn’t know any­one like him, which I think is a shame: he’d prob­a­bly get along very well with them.

Does any­one know any similar kid ge­niuses? If so, can I give them my friend’s de­tails?