LessWrong 2.0 Feature Roadmap & Feature Suggestions

This post will serve as a place to dis­cuss what fea­tures the new LessWrong 2.0 should have, and I will try to keep this post up­dated with our fea­ture roadmap plans.

Here is roughly the set of fea­tures we are plan­ning to de­velop over the next few weeks:

UPDATED: Au­gust 27th, 2017

Ba­sic qual­ity of life im­prove­ments:

  1. Im­prove ren­der­ing speed on posts with many com­ments

  2. (A lot of im­prove­ments made, a lot more to come)

  3. Im­prove us­abil­ity on mo­bile

  4. (After the ma­jor re­work this is some­what bro­ken again, will fix it soon)

  5. Add Ka­tex sup­port for com­ments and posts

  6. Allow merg­ing with old LessWrong 1.0 accounts

  7. Fix old LessWrong 1.0 links DONE!

  8. Create unique links for each com­ment: DONE!

  9. Make com­ments collapsible

  10. High­light new com­ments since last visit: DONE!

  11. Im­prove au­to­matic spam-detection

  12. Add RSS feed links with ad­justable karma thresholds

  13. Create bet­ter doc­u­men­ta­tion for the page, with tooltips and on­board­ing processes

  14. Bet­ter search, in­clud­ing com­ment search and user search: DONE!

Im­proved Moder­a­tion Tools:

  1. New Karma sys­tem that weighs your votes based on your Karma

  2. Give mod­er­a­tors abil­ity to sus­pend com­ment threads for a limited amount of time

  3. Give trusted post-au­thors mod­er­a­tion abil­ity on their own posts (delet­ing com­ments, tem­porar­ily sus­pend­ing users from posts, etc.)

  4. Add re­port­ing fea­ture to comments

  5. Give mod­er­a­tors and ad­mins ac­cess to a database query in­ter­face to iden­tify nega­tive vote patterns

New Con­tent Types:

  1. Add se­quences as a top-level con­tent-type with UI for nav­i­gat­ing se­quences in or­der, meta­data on a se­quence, and keep­ing track of which parts you’ve read DONE!

  2. Add Ar­bital-style pre­dic­tions as a con­tent block in posts (maybe also as a top-level con­tent type)

  3. Add ‘Wait-But-Why?’ style foot­notes to the editor

  4. Dis­cus­sion page that struc­tures dis­cus­sions more than just a tree for­mat (here is a mockup I de­signed while work­ing for Ar­bital, that I am style ex­cited to im­ple­ment)

  5. ...and we have many more crazy ideas we would like to ex­per­i­ment with

I will also cre­ate a com­ment for each of these un­der the post, so you can help us pri­ori­tize all of these. Also feel free to leave your own fea­ture sug­ges­tions and site im­prove­ments in the com­ments.