LessWrong Help Desk—free paper downloads and more (2014)

Over the last year, Vin­cen­tYu, gw­ern and oth­ers have pro­vided many pa­pers for the LessWrong com­mu­nity (87% suc­cess rate in 2012) through pre­vi­ous help desk threads. We origi­nally in­tended to provide edit­ing, re­search and gen­eral trou­bleshoot­ing help, but ar­ti­cle down­loads are by far the most re­quested ser­vice.

If you’re do­ing a LessWrong rele­vant pro­ject we want to help you. If you need help ac­cess­ing a jour­nal ar­ti­cle or aca­demic book chap­ter, we can get it for you. If you need some re­search or writ­ing help, we can help there too.

Turnaround times for ar­ti­cles pub­lished in the last 20 years or so is usu­ally less than a day. Older ar­ti­cles of­ten take a cou­ple days.

Please make new ar­ti­cle re­quests in the com­ment sec­tion of this thread.

If you would like to help out with find­ing pa­pers, please mon­i­tor this thread for re­quests. If you want to mon­i­tor via RSS like I do, many RSS read­ers will give you the com­ment feed if you give it the URL for this thread (or use this link di­rectly).

If you have some spe­cial skills you want to vol­un­teer, men­tion them in the com­ment sec­tion.