What have you recently tried, and failed at?

Kaj So­tala said:

[I]f you pun­ish your­self for try­ing and failing, you stop want­ing to try in the first place, as it be­comes as­so­ci­ated with the nega­tive emo­tions. Also, ac­cept­ing and be­ing okay with the oc­ca­sional failure makes you treat it as a gen­uine choice where you have agency, not some­thing that you’re forced to do against your will.

So maybe we should cel­e­brate failed at­tempts more of­ten … I for one can’t think of any­thing I’ve failed at re­cently, which is prob­a­bly a sign that I’m not try­ing enough new things.

So, what spe­cific things have you failed at re­cently?