Vote on worthwhile OpenAI topics to discuss

I (Ben) recently made a poll for voting on interesting disagreements to be discussed on LessWrong. It generated a lot of good topic suggestions and data about what questions folks cared about and disagreed on.

So, Jacob and I figured we’d try applying the same format to help people orient to the current OpenAI situation.

What important questions would you want to see discussed and debated here in the coming days? Suggest and vote below.

How to use the poll

  1. Reacts: Click on the agree/​disagree reacts to help people see how much disagreement there is on the topic.
  2. Karma: Upvote positions that you’d like to read discussion about.
  3. New Poll Option: Add new positions for people to take sides on. Please add the agree/​disagree reacts to new poll options you make.

The goal is to show people where a lot of interest and disagreement lies. This can be used to find discussion and dialogue topics in the future.