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While I’m currently working as a Community Based Counselor and Tea Slinger, I would generally describe myself as a modern day renaissance man, having slaughtered pigs on my family farm and become a vegan, having done HVAC work and academic research, having been a member of both the Republican and Democratic clubs at my university. I’ve sought to experience much in life, and on the horizon I wish to deepen my experiences within EA, currently having gone from a fellow to a facilitator to a prospective employee looking for work in the space while simultaneously doing personal cause prioritization work. Ill include below a list of some of my deep interests, and would be happy to connect over any of these areas, specifically as they may intersect with EA.

Philosophy, Psychology, Music (have deep interests in all genres but especially electronic and indie), Politics (especially American), Drugs (mostly psychs), Gaming (mostly League these days), Cooking (have been a head chef), Photography, Meditation (specifically mindfulness).

How you can help me: I’m in the process right now of decided which cause area to focus my future work on (nuclear, mental health, EA community building, politics, animal welfare, AI, and criminal justice reform) so any compelling reasons to go (or not to go) into any of these would be really helpful at this point.

How I can help others: While I can’t really offer any expertise in EA related things, I have deep knowledge in Philosophy, Psychology and Meditation, and can potentially help with questions generally related to these disciplines. I would say the best thing I can offer is a strong desire to dive deeper into EA, preferably with others who are also interested.

Virginia-wide Vir­tual Meetup!

Tristan Williams12 Sep 2023 3:18 UTC
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