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(Posting in a personal capacity unless stated otherwise.) I help allocate Open Phil’s resources to improve the governance of AI with a focus on avoiding catastrophic outcomes. Formerly co-founder of the Cambridge Boston Alignment Initiative, which supports AI alignment/​safety research and outreach programs at Harvard, MIT, and beyond, co-president of Harvard EA, Director of Governance Programs at the Harvard AI Safety Team and MIT AI Alignment, and occasional AI governance researcher.

Not to be confused with the user formerly known as trevor1.

Notes on nukes, IR, and AI from “Arse­nals of Folly” (and other books)

tlevin4 Sep 2023 19:02 UTC
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Ap­ply to HAIST/​MAIA’s AI Gover­nance Work­shop in DC (Feb 17-20)

31 Jan 2023 2:06 UTC
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Up­date on Har­vard AI Safety Team and MIT AI Alignment

2 Dec 2022 0:56 UTC
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