Protest against Meta’s irreversible proliferation (Sept 29, San Francisco)

Meta’s frontier AI models are fundamentally unsafe. Since Meta AI has released the model weights publicly, any safety measures can be removed. Before it releases even more advanced models – which will have more dangerous capabilities – we call on Meta to take responsible release seriously and stop irreversible proliferation. Join us for a peaceful protest at Meta’s office in San Francisco at 250 Howard St at 4pm PT.

RSVP on Facebook[1] or through this form.

Let’s send a message to Meta:

  • Stop irreversible proliferation of model weights. Meta’s models are not safe if anyone can remove the safety measures.

  • Take AI risks seriously.

  • Take responsibility for harms caused by your AIs.

All you need to bring is yourself and a sign, if you want to make your own. I will lead a trip to SF from Berkeley but anyone can join at the location. We will have a sign-making party before the demonstration—stay tuned for details. We’ll go out for drinks afterward


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    I like the irony.

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