Tom Davidson

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Take­off speeds pre­sen­ta­tion at Anthropic

Tom Davidson4 Jun 2024 22:46 UTC
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Let’s use AI to harden hu­man defenses against AI manipulation

Tom Davidson17 May 2023 23:33 UTC
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Which AI out­puts should hu­mans check for shenani­gans, to avoid AI takeover? A sim­ple model

Tom Davidson27 Mar 2023 23:36 UTC
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What a com­pute-cen­tric frame­work says about AI take­off speeds

Tom Davidson23 Jan 2023 4:02 UTC
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Limi­ta­tions of Laplace’s rule of succession

Tom Davidson19 Apr 2022 0:27 UTC
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Some thoughts on David Rood­man’s GWP model and its re­la­tion to AI timelines

Tom Davidson19 Jul 2021 22:59 UTC
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