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[Question] Would “Man­hat­tan Pro­ject” style be benefi­cial or dele­te­ri­ous for AI Align­ment?

Just Learning4 Aug 2022 19:12 UTC
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[Question] Im­pact­ful data sci­ence projects

Just Learning11 Apr 2022 4:27 UTC
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A pro­posed sys­tem for ideas jumpstart

Just Learning14 Dec 2021 21:01 UTC
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[Question] Grad­ing scheme from Valen­tine Smith

Just Learning23 Oct 2021 19:29 UTC
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[Question] Why there are no on­line CFAR work­shops?

Just Learning5 Sep 2021 15:02 UTC
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[Question] Er­ra­tum for “From AI to Zom­bies”

Just Learning12 Aug 2021 4:39 UTC
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