[Question] Why there are no online CFAR workshops?

As there are many people here here who attended CFAR workshops, I wanted to ask, if you understand why there are no online workshops, even when the in-person workshops were not possible due to the pandemic. In my experience, everything that does not require physical contact (like martial arts) can be taught online. There can be some inconveniences, of course, but if planned well, it can work quite smoothly. I can think about very small amount of reasons, and none of them seems persuasive to me.

1. Maybe CFAR workshop indeed requires physical contact? Sounds quite strange.

2. Maybe organizers are not good with technologies and don’t know how to do different Zoom rooms, how to make parties in Mozilla Hubs etc.? Maybe they have never heard about properly organized online schools? Sounds even less likely.

3. Maybe CFAR workshop requires full embedding with no distraction? Well, it can be clarified in the announcement as a requirement for the participants, and for many people, it is certainly a possible thing to do.

4. Maybe CFAR somehow got into a death spiral and turned into something like Lifespring? I would hope it is unlikely in the rationalistic community, but here is more hope than actual belief.

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