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Psychiatry is the medical specialty devoted to the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of mental disorders. These include various maladaptations related to mood, behavior, cognition, and perceptions.

[Question] If some­one you loved was ex­pe­rienc­ing un­remit­ting suffer­ing (re­lated to a con­stel­la­tion of multi-di­men­sional fac­tors and pro­cesses, those of which in­clude anoma­lous states of con­scious­ness and an ia­tro­genic men­tal health sys­tem), what would you think and what would you do?

Sara C3 Jul 2020 21:02 UTC
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Book re­view: “Feel­ing Great” by David Burns

Steven Byrnes9 Jun 2021 13:17 UTC
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[Question] What are the pros and cons of seek­ing a for­mal di­ag­no­sis of autism?

Dumbledore's Army29 Dec 2021 16:52 UTC
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Burnout: What it is and how to Treat it.

Elizabeth7 Nov 2018 22:02 UTC
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Are Amer­i­cans Be­com­ing More De­pressed?

calebo7 Aug 2020 15:57 UTC
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Silver Chairs, Pa­ter­nal­ism, and Akrasia

dclayh9 Apr 2009 21:24 UTC
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An­tag­o­niz­ing Opi­oid Re­cep­tors for (Preven­tion of) Fun and Profit

Scott Alexander5 May 2010 14:40 UTC
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Re­v­erse Psychology

Scott Alexander18 Jul 2015 4:25 UTC
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A cog­ni­tive in­ter­ven­tion for wrist pain

rmoehn17 Mar 2019 5:26 UTC
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Ra­tion­al­ity Drugs

lukeprog1 Oct 2011 11:20 UTC
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Re­source on al­co­hol problems

juliawise27 Feb 2020 18:17 UTC
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A study on depression

vlad.proex13 Oct 2020 15:43 UTC
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Scott Alexander16 Aug 2014 19:00 UTC
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The Frontal Syndrome

Annoyance1 Jun 2009 16:10 UTC
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The Anti-Placebo Effect

ShannonFriedman28 Sep 2013 5:44 UTC
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On the na­ture of anxiety

mr_fahrenheit22 Feb 2021 23:56 UTC
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Gen­er­al­iz­ing From One Example

Scott Alexander28 Apr 2009 22:00 UTC
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[Question] Why do we talk about autism (spec­trum) with­out talk­ing about bor­der­line p.d.?

MoritzG22 Sep 2021 14:32 UTC
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The Apol­o­gist and the Revolutionary

Scott Alexander11 Mar 2009 21:39 UTC
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[Question] Get­ting di­ag­nosed for ADHD if I don’t plan on tak­ing meds?

vroomerify17 Dec 2021 19:27 UTC
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