Mul­tipo­lar Scenarios

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A multipolar scenario is one where no single AI or agent takes over the world.

Featured in the book “Superintelligence” by Nick Bostrom.

Why multi-agent safety is im­por­tant

Akbir Khan14 Jun 2022 9:23 UTC
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What Mul­tipo­lar Failure Looks Like, and Ro­bust Agent-Ag­nos­tic Pro­cesses (RAAPs)

Andrew_Critch31 Mar 2021 23:50 UTC
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[Question] In a mul­ti­po­lar sce­nario, how do peo­ple ex­pect sys­tems to be trained to in­ter­act with sys­tems de­vel­oped by other labs?

JesseClifton1 Dec 2020 20:04 UTC
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Su­per­in­tel­li­gence 17: Mul­tipo­lar scenarios

KatjaGrace6 Jan 2015 6:44 UTC
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Equil­ibrium and prior se­lec­tion prob­lems in mul­ti­po­lar deployment

JesseClifton2 Apr 2020 20:06 UTC
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What Failure Looks Like: Distill­ing the Discussion

Ben Pace29 Jul 2020 21:49 UTC
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[Question] How would two su­per­in­tel­li­gent AIs in­ter­act, if they are un­al­igned with each other?

Nathan11239 Aug 2022 18:58 UTC
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Tra­jec­to­ries to 2036

ukc1001420 Oct 2022 20:23 UTC
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Nine Points of Col­lec­tive Insanity

27 Dec 2022 3:14 UTC
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Align­ment is not enough

Alan Chan12 Jan 2023 0:33 UTC
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The Align­ment Problems

Martín Soto12 Jan 2023 22:29 UTC
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