Men­tor­ship [Topic of]

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Mentorship. This for post discussing the topic of mentorship. Posts asking for or offering mentorship don’t currently have a tag because they aren’t very timeless.

See also: Apprenticeship

Talk­ing About Mentorship

26 Apr 2023 3:00 UTC
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Men­tor­ship, Man­age­ment, and Mys­te­ri­ous Old Wizards

Raemon24 Feb 2021 22:00 UTC
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AI x-risk re­duc­tion: why I chose academia over industry

David Scott Krueger (formerly: capybaralet)14 Mar 2021 17:25 UTC
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An­nounc­ing the AI Safety Field Build­ing Hub, a new effort to provide AISFB pro­jects, men­tor­ship, and funding

Vael Gates28 Jul 2022 21:29 UTC
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