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The Bunny: An EA Short Story

JohnGreer21 Aug 2022 20:59 UTC
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In­ter­view with Nec­tome CEO Robert McIn­tyre—Brain Preser­va­tion, Per­sonal Iden­tity, AGI, and More

JohnGreer23 Feb 2022 1:54 UTC
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[Question] What are ex­am­ples of the op­po­site of per­verse in­cen­tives?

JohnGreer18 Jun 2021 16:04 UTC
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What Would You Store to Max­i­mize Value in 100 Years? A Thought Experiment

JohnGreer17 May 2021 20:46 UTC
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Notes on Robert McIn­tyre’s Brain Preser­va­tion Talk at the Long Now Foundation

JohnGreer28 Apr 2021 20:47 UTC
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BYOL (Buy Your Own Lunch)

JohnGreer8 Apr 2018 19:32 UTC
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Large Mam­mal BPF Prize Win­ning Announcement

JohnGreer13 Mar 2018 23:48 UTC
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The Benefits of Tak­ing Cold Show­ers: A 3 Month Trial

JohnGreer8 Dec 2017 17:01 UTC
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