Hu­man Alignment

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Human alignment is a state of humanity in which most or all of humanity systematically cooperates to achieve positive-sum outcomes for everyone (or at a minimum are prevented from pursuing negative sum outcomes), in a way perpetually sustainable into the future. Such a state of human alignment may be necessary to prevent an existential catastrophe in the case that the “Vulnerable World Hypothesis” is correct.

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RogerDearnaley23 Nov 2023 7:39 UTC
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[Question] What’s the best way to stream­line two-party sale ne­go­ti­a­tions be­tween real hu­mans?

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Open-ended ethics of phe­nom­ena (a desider­ata with uni­ver­sal moral­ity)

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Paradigm-build­ing from first prin­ci­ples: Effec­tive al­tru­ism, AGI, and alignment

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The case for “Gen­er­ous Tit for Tat” as the ul­ti­mate game the­ory strategy

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​​ Open-ended/​Phenom­e­nal ​Ethics ​(TLDR)

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Great Em­pa­thy and Great Re­sponse Ability

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How “Pinky Promise” diplo­macy once stopped a war in the Mid­dle East

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Hu­man­ity Align­ment Theory

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AI Safety in a Vuln­er­a­ble World: Re­quest­ing Feed­back on Pre­limi­nary Thoughts

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An­tag­o­nis­tic AI

Xybermancer1 Mar 2024 18:50 UTC
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How to Pro­mote More Pro­duc­tive Dialogue Out­side of LessWrong

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