Feed­back & Crit­i­cism (topic)

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Feedback is information about people’s reactions to an event, object, person, place, or idea. Many writers, developers, entrepreneurs, and other content creators try to get feedback so they can know how to improve their creations. Positive feedback is positive information in a reaction—i.e. being told that one’s hair looks nice, while negative feedback or criticism is the opposite—i.e. being told that one’s hair looks like a mop.

Some thoughts on criticism

Buck18 Sep 2020 4:58 UTC
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Crit­i­cism as Entertainment

Elizabeth9 Jan 2020 22:20 UTC
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Crit­i­cism cat­alyzes an­a­lyt­i­cal think­ing in groups

rayraegah20 Mar 2019 16:27 UTC
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Too much feed­back can be a bad thing

Kaj_Sotala11 Apr 2009 14:05 UTC
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Drive-By Low-Effort Criticism

lionhearted31 Jul 2019 11:51 UTC
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Con­ver­sa­tional Cul­tures: Com­bat vs Nur­ture (V2)

Ruby8 Jan 2020 20:23 UTC
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In­ter­nal and ex­ter­nal criticism

Kaj_Sotala21 Aug 2013 6:35 UTC
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Crit­i­cism Schedul­ing and Privacy

Lulie29 Sep 2018 13:50 UTC
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On Nega­tive Feed­back and Simulacra

Zvi3 May 2020 17:00 UTC
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Nega­tive Feed­back and Simulacra

Elizabeth29 Apr 2020 2:00 UTC
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[deleted]3 Oct 2010 2:47 UTC
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The (Unoffi­cial) Less Wrong Com­ment Challenge

adamShimi11 Nov 2020 14:18 UTC
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