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Hi! I’m Helaman Wilson, I’m living in New Zealand with my physicist father, almost-graduated-molecular-biologist mother, and six of my seven siblings.

I’ve been homeschooled as in “given support, guidance, and library access” for essentially my entire life, which currently clocks in at nearly twenty two years from birth. I’ve also been raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and, having done my best to honestly weigh the evidence for its’ doctrine-as-I-understand-it, find myself a firm believer.

I found the Rational meta-community via the TvTropes>HPMOR chain, but mostly stayed peripheral due to Reddit’s TOS, the lack of fiction community on LessWrong, and somewhat-borne-out concerns that I would not actually be accepted here. I was an active participant in Marked for Death, but left over GMing disagreements about two years in.

My biggest present concern with LessWrong as a community is the Karma system, which is not only one-dimensional, but not even a specific axis. I don’t mind one-dimensional praise, but I hate inarticulate criticism. Deeply awful feeling. I always try to give my best effort, you know?

If you want to place me elsewhere, it’s almost always a variant of Horatio Von Becker, or LordVonBecker on Giant in the Playground, due to the shorter character limit.

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