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De­pres­sion is a psy­cholog­i­cal di­s­or­der char­ac­ter­ized by low mood, loss of in­ter­est in life, and poor self-es­teem. Both cog­ni­tive be­hav­ioral ther­apy (CBT) and an­tide­pres­sants such as SSRIs have proven to be effec­tive treat­ments.

Are Amer­i­cans Be­com­ing More De­pressed?

calebo7 Aug 2020 15:57 UTC
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Fibromyal­gia, Pain & De­pres­sion. How much is due to phys­i­cal mis­al­ign­ment?

leggi29 Oct 2019 14:58 UTC
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How I [Kaj] found & fixed the root prob­lem be­hind my de­pres­sion and anx­iety af­ter 20+ years

Kaj_Sotala26 Jul 2017 12:56 UTC
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Why startup founders have mood swings (and why they may have uses)

AnnaSalamon9 Dec 2015 18:59 UTC
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De­pres­sion philosophizing

aaq2 Feb 2019 22:54 UTC
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Meth­ods for treat­ing depression

JonahS17 Feb 2014 19:02 UTC
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Fight­ing the al­lure of de­pres­sive realism

aaq10 Feb 2019 16:46 UTC
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Med­i­ta­tions on Momentum

Richard Meadows14 Dec 2018 10:53 UTC
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High Var­i­ance Pro­duc­tivity Advice

lynettebye1 Mar 2020 7:05 UTC
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Ethics and ra­tio­nal­ity of suicide

anonymous2592 May 2011 1:38 UTC
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Cran­io­fa­cial dys­tro­phy: A pos­si­ble syn­drome re­lat­ing mal­oc­clu­sion, sleep-di­s­or­dered breath­ing, aller­gies, de­pres­sion and a range of other diseases

Ricardo Meneghin8 Aug 2020 22:25 UTC
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How to Deal with De­pres­sion—The Meta Layers

ShannonFriedman26 Oct 2012 18:44 UTC
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A study on depression

vlad.proex13 Oct 2020 15:43 UTC
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Scott Alexander16 Aug 2014 19:00 UTC
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