Align­ment Re­search Center

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The Alignment Research Centre (ARC) is a non-profit research organization whose mission is to align future machine learning systems with human interests. Its current work focuses on developing an alignment strategy that could be adopted in industry today while scaling gracefully to future ML systems. Right now Paul Christiano, Mark Xu, and Beth Barnes are researchers and Kyle Scott handles operations.

ARC pa­per: For­mal­iz­ing the pre­sump­tion of independence

Erik Jenner20 Nov 2022 1:22 UTC
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[Question] How is ARC plan­ning to use ELK?

jacquesthibs15 Dec 2022 20:11 UTC
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ARC tests to see if GPT-4 can es­cape hu­man con­trol; GPT-4 failed to do so

Christopher King15 Mar 2023 0:29 UTC
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ELK prize results

9 Mar 2022 0:01 UTC
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Ex­per­i­men­tally eval­u­at­ing whether hon­esty generalizes

paulfchristiano1 Jul 2021 17:47 UTC
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ARC is hiring!

14 Dec 2021 20:09 UTC
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Coun­terex­am­ples to some ELK proposals

paulfchristiano31 Dec 2021 17:05 UTC
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Eval­u­a­tions pro­ject @ ARC is hiring a re­searcher and a web­dev/​engineer

Beth Barnes9 Sep 2022 22:46 UTC
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ARC’s first tech­ni­cal re­port: Elic­it­ing La­tent Knowledge

14 Dec 2021 20:09 UTC
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The Align­ment Problems

Martín Soto12 Jan 2023 22:29 UTC
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Chris­ti­ano (ARC) and GA (Con­jec­ture) Dis­cuss Align­ment Cruxes

24 Feb 2023 23:03 UTC
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