AI Rights /​ Welfare

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AI Rights & Welfare. Posts discussing how society should treat digital minds of various types.

Can’t Un­birth a Child

Eliezer Yudkowsky28 Dec 2008 17:00 UTC
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[Question] What if LaMDA is in­deed sen­tient /​ self-aware /​ worth hav­ing rights?

RomanS16 Jun 2022 9:10 UTC
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Non­per­son Predicates

Eliezer Yudkowsky27 Dec 2008 1:47 UTC
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What’s the deal with AI con­scious­ness?

ThomasW11 Jan 2023 16:37 UTC
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Com­ment on “Propo­si­tions Con­cern­ing Digi­tal Minds and So­ciety”

Zack_M_Davis10 Jul 2022 5:48 UTC
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[Question] AI Rights: In your view, what would be re­quired for an AGI to gain rights and pro­tec­tions from the var­i­ous Govern­ments of the World?

Super AGI9 Jun 2023 1:24 UTC
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Sen­tience in Sili­con: The Challenges of AI Consciousness

Hannes Thurnherr25 Apr 2023 13:15 UTC
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