Of the Qran and its stylistic resources: deconstructing the persuasiveness Draft

(It’s my first time posting an article, so please go easy on me.)

I wonder if anyone ever fully analysed the Qran and all the resources it uses to tug at the feelings of the reader? It is a remarkably persuasive (if not at all convincing) book, even if I say so myself as an ex Muslim. I’ve started recognizing some patterns since I started reading this site, but I’d like to know if there is a full-blown, complete, exhaustive deconstruction of that book, that is not dripped in islamophobia, ethnocentrism, and other common failures I have seen in Western theologians when applied to Islam. Not a book about “How the Qran is evil” or “How the Qran is Wrong” or “How IT’S A FAAAKE” but “How, precisely, it manipulates you”. Can anyone here point me towards such a work?

And where is the markup help in this blog? I can’t seem to find it and it frustrates the hell out of me when I’m commenting usual posts.