[Question] Spaced Repetition Systems for Intuitions?

I often see discussion here of Anki or other Spaced Repetition Systems for learning. To me, these are great for “higher levels” of knowledge—things more closely associated with System 2 than System 1.

Are there similar advantages to be had (and systems that exist for) “lower levels” of knowledge? I think this would apply to things that are implicit learning, intuitions, as well as System-1 level knowledge.

I want to distinguish this from “regular practice”, which I don’t think has spaced repetition qualities.

  • For example, meditation (to me) includes regular practice in equanimity—I (so far) don’t know of an effect where I can exponentially spread out my meditation practice to make it “last longer”

  • Running is another example, where regular practice makes me better, but I don’t feel like I would get much out of exponentially spacing it (I think it could be argued that skill at running is only a small part “knowing” and largely other things like musculature, which would make this a bad example)

I would greatly value contributions of:

  • Studies looking at spaced repetition for intuitions/​implicit learning/​etc

  • Reasons why these might be possible or exist

  • Reasons why these might be impossible

  • Proposals to how to design experiments to test this

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