[Question] Is LessWrong a “classic style intellectual world”?

Robin Han­son just pub­lished a post ti­tled “Clas­sic Style In­tel­lec­tual World”. It’s short, so I recom­mend read­ing it, as it sets up this ques­tion, but in short it sug­gests that many in­tel­lec­tual ac­tivi­ties are or­ga­nized in a way similar to the way paint­ings on the walls of Re­nais­sance churches are. That is, small spaces are al­lo­cated to lower-sta­tus artists where they are re­warded mainly for blend­ing in well with ar­chi­tec­ture and sur­round­ing con­text and only already high-sta­tus artists are asked to be more cre­ative by giv­ing them large spaces where they might do some­thing less con­form­ing (but not too non-con­form­ing!). The par­allel he draws is that lower-sta­tus in­tel­lec­tu­als are ex­pected to talk within the frame so­ciety and other in­tel­lec­tu­als have already set up for them within a frame sized to match their sta­tus, while higher-sta­tus in­tel­lec­tu­als are al­lowed a larger frame in which they may be more cre­ative, the point be­ing that sta­tus drives per­mit­ted cre­ativity (that is, cre­ativity that will not be ig­nored in ob­scu­rity) rather than cre­ativity and in­no­va­tion (or what­ever traits are os­ten­si­bly sought in in­tel­lec­tu­als) be­ing what con­fers high sta­tus.

So the ques­tion I pose here is, how much does LW look like this pic­ture Robin has painted? Speci­fi­cally, is it that high read­er­ship, karma, post scores, etc. ac­cu­mu­lates to au­thors who are the best at what­ever it is you think the val­ues of LW are or do those things go to those who best work “within the sys­tem” with LW value satis­fac­tion as sec­ondary con­cern?