Brainstorming for post topics

I sug­gested re­cently that part of the prob­lem with with LW was a lock of dis­cus­sion posts which was caused by peo­ple not think­ing of much to post about.

When I ask my­self “what might be a good topic for a post?”, my mind goes blank, but surely not ev­ery­thing that’s worth say­ing that’s re­lated to ra­tio­nal­ity has been said.

So, is there some­thing at the back of your mind which might be in­ter­est­ing? A topic which got some dis­cus­sion in an open thread that could be worth pur­su­ing?

If you’ve found any­thing which helps you gen­er­ate use­able ideas, please com­ment about it—or pos­si­bly write a post on the sub­ject.