Hard evidence that mild COVID cases frequently reduce intelligence

I managed to find a literature review on post-covid studies, which only targeted people with “mild” cases.

Much of the data is self-evaluation, and everything here is obviously inferior to the kind of data that could be procured by a specialist firm on Wall Street (let alone the military). It also goes along with the usual suggestion that brain damage isn’t permanent and that everyone will be fine if they just wait long enough and adjust.

It is also probably the best data you’ve ever seen on Long Covid, by a massive margin. Because that’s the kind of world we live in right now.

There is a data point that suggests that cognitive dysfunction persists after 3 months in mild cases, but most of the data points indicate fatigue that persists 3 months after a mild infection. This is notable because fatigue reduces intelligence, if nothing else by dramatically increasing how taxing your workday is. There are also some data points indicating that fatigue persists from around half of all mild cases.

People on Lesswrong and elsewhere seem to think that P100 masks are the best bet for protection, and I really hope they’re correct because the CDC is once again saying nothing on the topic (and I wouldn’t trust them if they did, since these are the same bozos who knowingly pumped out broken COVID tests and told everyone to wear cloth masks for two whole years). Amazon is obsessed with labeling P100 masks as “dust masks” and cloth/​surgical masks as “COVID masks”. I have a lot riding on my P100 mask during my flight tomorrow, so I really hope they got it right, but it looks like they did.

If you like the idea of being smart, either right now or in the future, then you should probably stop worrying about Nootropics or Nutrition, and start worrying about respiratory aerosols, room ventilation, and P100 masks. Because at this point, it’s clear that reality is allowed to give you debilitating brain damage, and that COVID is a brain virus.