The Great Karma Reckoning

Today the LessWrong team ran a script that recalculated the scores and karma of all posts, comments, tags and users based on the complete vote history. This has resulted in very substantial changes to all the karma scores on the site. Here are the biggest changes:

  • We removed the historical 10x multiplier for posts that were promoted to main on LW 1.0

  • This reversed the effect of a lot of voting-related bugs we had over the past few years

  • This reverts the period in early 2018 where all votes were as strong as current strong-votes are, which resulted in very large karma inflation during that time

  • All votes from before the new voting system with weak- and strong-votes are treated as weak-votes, but do now scale proportional to your karma (so a good number of 1-strength votes were converted to 2-strength votes)

    • You are welcome to strong-upvote posts that you voted on before strong-votes existed, if you want to give them a bit of a boost.

We’ve been planning on doing this for a long time, mostly to make historical comparisons of the scores of different posts easier and also have more confidence that current karma balances are not the result of bugs we fixed many months ago.

For the purpose of the 2019 review, you will be counted in the 1000+ vote bracket if you either had 1000+ karma before we ran todays migration, or if you just hit that target after today’s migration. So nobody should suddenly be negatively surprised about their ability to participate in the vote.