[Question] Percent reduction of gun-related deaths by color of gun.

A thought ex­per­i­ment: As­sume all guns were pink by law to­mor­row.

Would that have an im­pact on the num­ber of gun-re­lated deaths? What per­centage?

Would it have an im­pact on the num­ber of mass shoot­ings?

This is not an ac­tual policy sug­ges­tion, so the fea­si­bil­ity of such a policy is ir­rele­vant. It is more a ques­tion of the psy­cholog­i­cal im­pact of the color on the be­hav­ior of gun users (oth­er­wise the us­age of the color pink stays the same). Choose other col­ors if that’s rele­vant for your an­swer.

Dis­claimer: This is not my idea and you can quickly find out who asked it on twit­ter, but there are no an­swers on twit­ter yet, so bet­ter google some­where else (also to avoid poli­tics the mind-kil­ler). I will re­veal the source of the ques­tion later in the com­ments.