Good things to have learned....

I was look­ing at a dis­cus­sion of what should be in a col­lege cur­ricu­lum, and as such dis­cus­sions seem to go, there was a big list of things ev­ery­one should study, and some poli­ti­cal claims about what’s be­ing offered but shouldn’t be.

In­stead, what do you wish you’d stud­ied in col­lege? What do you wish other peo­ple had stud­ied in col­lege? On the lat­ter, do you think ev­ery­one should have stud­ied it, or do you just wish more peo­ple knew about it? Ap­prox­i­mately what per­centage of peo­ple?

Of course, this doesn’t have to be limited to col­lege. Peo­ple could learn the same things ear­lier or later.