Recent site changes, Mon 4th July

We’ve pushed out some new changes, in­clud­ing a front page. Pro­moted ar­ti­cles are now available at http://​​less­​​pro­moted/​​ and from the MAIN link in the top nav.

Most of the re­cent changes were re­quested here or here.

This is the place to com­ment on the new changes… but please re­mem­ber that:

  1. we’re watch­ing this thread, and if we’ve done any­thing re­ally hor­rible, you or some­one else will tell us, and we’ll fix it; so

  2. be po­lite, and ex­plain clearly what we need to do to make you happy.

Front page “Fea­tured Ar­ti­cles” are ed­ited here. I humbly sug­gest that will­ing fea­tured ar­ti­cle ed­i­tors nom­i­nate them­selves in the com­ments, and ev­ery­one who doesn’t get a lot of sup­port for­gets this link and leaves that page alone.

And if spam be­comes a prob­lem for the front page, the about page, or the com­ment markup help, poke a wiki ad­min and ask them to “pro­tect” the spe­cial pages.