Request: Interesting Invertible Facts

I’m writ­ing the sec­tion of the ra­tio­nal­ity book deal­ing with hind­sight bias, and I’d like to write my own, less racially charged and less Amer­ica-spe­cific, ver­sion of the Hind­sight De­val­ues Science ex­am­ple—in the origi­nal, facts like “Bet­ter ed­u­cated sol­diers suffered more ad­just­ment prob­lems than less ed­u­cated sol­diers. (In­tel­lec­tu­als were less pre­pared for bat­tle stresses than street-smart peo­ple.)” which is ac­tu­ally an in­verted ver­sion of the truth, that still sounds plau­si­ble enough that peo­ple will try to ex­plain it even though it’s wrong.

I’m look­ing for facts that are ex­per­i­men­tally ver­ified and in­vert­ible, i.e., I can give five ex­am­ples that are the op­po­site of the usual re­sults with­out peo­ple catch­ing on.

Divia (to­day’s writ­ing as­sis­tant) has sug­gested facts about mar­riage and facts about hap­piness as pos­si­ble sources of ex­am­ples, but nei­ther of us can think of a good set of facts off­hand and Googling didn’t help me much. Five re­lated facts would be nice, but failing that I’ll just take five facts. My own brain just seems to be very bad at an­swer­ing this kind of query for some rea­son; I liter­ally can’t think of five things I know.

(Note also that I have a gen­eral policy of keep­ing any­thing re­lated to re­li­gion out of the ra­tio­nal­ity book—that there be no men­tion of it what­so­ever.)