Robert Aumann on Judaism

Just came across this in­ter­view with Robert Au­mann. On pgs. 20-27 he de­scribes why and how he be­lieves in Ortho­dox Ju­daism. I don’t re­ally un­der­stand what he’s say­ing. Key quote (I think):

H (in­ter­viewer): Take for ex­am­ple the six days of cre­ation; whether or not this is how it hap­pened is prac­ti­cally ir­rele­vant to one is de­ci­sions and way of con­duct. It is on a differ­ent level.

A (Au­mann): It is a differ­ent view of the world, a differ­ent way of look­ing at the world. That is why I pref­aced my an­swer to your ques­tion with the story about the round­ness of the world be­ing one way of view­ing the world. An evolu­tion­ary ge­olog­i­cal per­spec­tive is one way of view­ing the world. A differ­ent way is with the six days of cre­ation. Truth is in our minds. If we are suffi­ciently broad-minded, then we can si­mul­ta­neously en­ter­tain differ­ent ideas of truth, differ­ent mod­els, differ­ent views of the world.

H: I think a sci­en­tist will have no prob­lem with that. Would a re­li­gious per­son have prob­lems with what you just said?

A: Differ­ent re­li­gious peo­ple have differ­ent view­points. Some of them might have prob­lems with it. By the way, I’m not so sure that no sci­en­tist would have a prob­lem with it. Some sci­en­tists are very doc­tri­naire.

Any­body have a clue what he means by all this? Do you think this is a valid way of look­ing at the world and/​or re­li­gion? If not, how con­fi­dent are you in your as­ser­tion? If you are very con­fi­dent, on what ba­sis do you think you have greatly out-thought Robert Au­mann?

Please read the source (all 7 pages I refer­enced, rather than just the above quote), and think about it care­fully be­fore you an­swer. Robert Au­mann is an ab­solutely brilli­ant man, a con­firmed Bayesian, au­thor of Au­mann’s Agree­ment The­o­rem, No­bel Prize win­ner, and founder /​ head of He­brew Univer­sity’s Cen­ter for the Study of Ra­tion­al­ity. Please don’t straw­man his ar­gu­ments or sim­ply dis­miss them!