Announcing the LessWrong Curated Podcast

You can now listen to LessWrong Curated posts in podcast form on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Audible, and Libsyn (which has an RSS feed, so it’s available everywhere).

So far the last 5 curated posts are available, posts by Eliezer Yudkowsky, Duncan Sabien, lsusr, and Paul Christiano.

This is created and recorded by Solenoid Entity, who spent the last five years editing the SSC podcast, succeeded Jeremiah as narrator and publisher in 2020, and also makes the more recent Metaculus Journal Podcast. I reached out to him last week[1] with an offer to do this work and he has quickly done some excellent recordings, which I’m very grateful for.

This is a new experiment and project, and so these 1-2 weeks are a great time to give me and Solenoid Entity feedback about what you like and dislike about the podcast, what would make it better for you, your experience as an author having your writing narrated, etc. You can leave comments here anytime, or talk to us via the intercom chat in the bottom right of the screen, or PM me personally via any channel.

Below are the 5 current available LessWrong Curated Podcasts.

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    Hat Tip to Tamera Lanham and Mattieu Putz for the suggestion at dinner!