Using Negative Hallucinations to Manage Sexual Desire

[Edit 2023-10-05]: Thanks to jimmy’s comments I realized that I was abusing this technique. I agree with jimmy that integrating your sexuality instead of suppressing it is better, based on my partial attempts and successes so far. This seems painfully obvious in hindsight. However, this technique works as advertised for me, and I expect I will be using it in the future. If you want to use this technique I advise you to tread lightly. It is very powerful. I was able to completely suppress sexual thoughts for at least 2 weeks in a row iirc.

[Edit]: I think I have mistitled this post. It should not contain the negative hallucination part, because it is not required at all for the technique to change your perception of your body. It’s enough to imagine a fictional scene that contains the properties named below. This really seems to trip people off.

If you often experience strong sexual desire that is distracting you from work, consider trying this:

  1. Imagine you have no primary sexual organs. It’s just a flat piece of skin down there. Furthermore, imagine that you don’t experience any sexual arousal no matter how somebody touches you.

  2. Also imagine the same for the object of your sexual desire (usually another person).

This does not need to be applied to positive emotions that are not sexual desire. E.g. it is fine to feel a positive emotion when you imagine hugging somebody.

In my experience doing this is super effective. It shuts down my sexual desire within seconds. I have used it many times now so I am pretty sure that it works, and I am not imagining it.

I expect this technique works well, because it only requires that you adhere to the constraints specified in the first two paragraphs. You don’t need to control what you are thinking any further. You can imagine rubbing yourself against somebody else, flat skin on flat skin. But it just feels kind of pointless and so you stop. It’s like imagining rubbing your elbow against the elbow of another person. It’s not something you are in danger of imagining too much.

I find this technique really useful for preventing myself from sexualizing people, and to not get distracted by sexual thought. I was pretty good at it before, but using this technique feels at least an order of magnitude better.

All of this, of course, breaks down once somebody touches you in an erotic way or unmistakably informs you that your primary sexual organs actually do exist. This technique is for managing sexual desire in your own mind before any physical interaction takes place.