[Question] Should questions be called “questions” or “confusions” (or “other”)?

Or, what is the best way to think about “what is a ques­tion?” on LW?

The LW Team just had a re­treat where we thought through a lot of high level strat­egy. We have a lot of ideas build­ing off of the “ques­tions” fea­ture.

One thing that struck us is that a lot of early stage re­search has less to do with for­mal­iz­able ques­tions, and more to do with notic­ing anoma­lies in your cur­rent model/​paradigm. Some­thing feels off that you can’t ex­plain, or there’s a con­cept you don’t even un­der­stand well enough to ask a co­her­ent ques­tion about.

The “ques­tion” fea­ture was meant, in part, to re­duce the cost of ex­plor­ing early stage cu­ri­os­ity, but we won­dered if it might even be a slightly-too-for­mal­ized.

Just like, tech­ni­cally there was noth­ing stop­ping you from ask­ing a ques­tion as a post (but adding the fea­ture caused a pro­lifer­a­tion of ques­tions) there is noth­ing stop­ping you from ask­ing an ill-formed ques­tion. But, maybe chang­ing the lan­guage slightly would bet­ter en­courage early-stage cu­ri­os­ity.

So, cu­ri­ous:

How would feel if we changed “Ask a ques­tion” to “Pose a con­fu­sion” or some­thing like that? (The main is­sue so far is that “pose con­fu­sion” is, well, way more con­fus­ing since it’s a non-stan­dard phrase. Other op­tions in­clude liter­ally say­ing “Ask ques­tion/​Pose Con­fu­sion” [i.e. both at once, so you get the benefit of the clear-cut “ask ques­tion”], or some word other than “pose.”)

(Some­what but not-en­tirely-jok­ingly, we also no­ticed peo­ple are hes­i­tant to post “an­swers” since they sound like you’re try­ing to claim you know what you’re talk­ing about. We jok­ingly con­sid­ered “Post a de­con­fu­sion”, or “post a par­tial an­swer” as op­tions)