Winter Solstice 2018 Roundup

Many LessWrong com­mu­ni­ties are hold­ing Win­ter Sols­tice holi­day events. What ex­actly that en­tails varies from com­mu­nity-to-com­mu­nity, but of­ten in­cludes:

  • A cer­e­mony com­mem­o­rat­ing hu­man­ity’s progress over the mil­le­nia (of­ten in­volv­ing speeches and sin­ga­long songs)

  • Mee­tups and par­ties co­in­cid­ing with said cer­e­mony, pro­vid­ing a nat­u­ral time for many peo­ple to travel for a larger-than-usual ra­tio­nal­ist gath­er­ing.

If you’re host­ing such an event, this is a good post to com­ment on link­ing to what­ever event-pages you have set up to col­lect RSVPs or tick­ets/​dona­tions.

It’s helpful re­serv­ing a spot ASAP (as well as donat­ing to help pay for the cost of the venue), so that the or­ga­niz­ers can plan bet­ter. Many events have a pay-what-you-can scheme, with new­com­ers or peo­ple with­out much spare cash en­couraged to donate around $15, and more well-to-do com­mu­nity mem­bers can help sub­si­dize the event for oth­ers.

Events So Far

US East Coast Megameetup

De­cem­ber 15th – New York City is host­ing their an­nual Sols­tice + Megameetup. Trav­el­ers are wel­come all week­end long to stay at a large house be­ing rented for the oc­ca­sion. The cer­e­mony it­self is will be Satur­day evening.

Bay Area

De­cem­ber 9th – The San Fran­cisco Bay Area is hold­ing their sols­tice event at a plane­tar­ium in Oak­land. There should be a suffi­cient num­ber of seats, but seat­ing is finite, so please get an offi­cial ticket on Eventbrite to con­firm there is still space.


De­cem­ber 21st – A smaller, more in­ti­mate event, Bos­ton wins the “ac­tu­ally cel­e­brat­ing Sols­tice on Sols­tice” award.


De­cem­ber 22nd – Honor­able men­tion for “al­most on ac­tual Sols­tice.”

I be­lieve there are Sols­tices in the works in the UK and Ger­many but do not know many de­tails about them. If you’re run­ning one, please com­ment!

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