“Playing to Win”

John F. Rizzo is an ex­pert on los­ing. How­ever, if you want to win, you would do bet­ter to seek ad­vice from an ex­pert on win­ning.

David Sir­lin is such an ex­pert, a renowned Street Fighter player and game de­signer. He wrote a se­ries of ar­ti­cles with the ti­tle “Play­ing to Win”, about play­ing com­pet­i­tive games at a high level, which were so pop­u­lar that he ex­panded them into a book. You can ei­ther read it for free on­line (dona­tions are ap­pre­ci­ated) or pur­chase a dead tree edi­tion.

Any fur­ther sum­mary would sim­ply be re­dun­dant when you could sim­ply read Sir­lin’s own words, so here is the link: