I have just donated $10,000 to the Immortality Bus, which was the most rational decision of my life

I have non-zero prob­a­bil­ity to die next year. In my age of 42 it is not less than 1 per cent, and prob­a­bly more. I could do many in­vest­ment which will slightly lower my chance of dy­ing – from healthy life style to cryo con­tract. And I did many of them.

From eco­nom­i­cal point of view the death is at least loos­ing all you cap­i­tal.

If my net worth is some­thing like one mil­lion (mostly real es­tate and art), and I have 1 per cent chance to die, it is equal to loos­ing 10 k a year. But in fact more, be­cause death it self is so un­pleas­ant that it has large nega­tive mon­e­tary value. And also I should in­clude the cost of lost op­por­tu­ni­ties.

Once I had a dis­cus­sion with Vladimir Nesov about what is bet­ter: to fight to im­mor­tal­ity, or to cre­ate Friendly AI which will ex­plain what is re­ally good. My po­si­tion was that im­mor­tal­ity is bet­ter be­cause it is mea­surable, know­able, and has in­stru­men­tal value for most other goals, and also in­cludes pre­ven­tion of worst thing on earth which is the Death. Nesov said (as I re­mem­ber) that per­sonal im­mor­tal­ity does not mat­ter as much to­tal value of hu­man­ity ex­is­tence, and more over, his per­sonal ex­is­tence has no much value at all. All what we need to do is to cre­ate Friendly AI. I find his words con­tra­dic­tory be­cause if his ex­is­tence does not mat­ter, than any hu­man ex­is­tence also doesn’t mat­ter, be­cause there is noth­ing spe­cial about him.

But later I con­cluded that the best is to make bets that will raise the prob­a­bil­ity of my per­sonal im­mor­tal­ity, ex­is­ten­tial risks pre­ven­tion and cre­ation of friendly AI si­mul­ta­neously. Be­cause it is easy to imag­ine situ­a­tion where re­search in per­sonal im­mor­tal­ity like cre­ation tech­nol­ogy for longevity genes de­liv­ery will con­tra­dict our goal of ex­is­ten­tial risks re­duc­tion be­cause the same tech­nol­ogy could be used for cre­at­ing dan­ger­ous viruses.

The best way here is in­vest in cre­at­ing reg­u­lat­ing au­thor­ity which will be able to bal­ance these needs, and it can’t be friendly AI be­cause such reg­u­la­tion needed be­fore it will be cre­ated.

That is why I think that US needs Tran­shu­man­ist pres­i­dent. A real per­son whose value sys­tem I can un­der­stand and sup­port. And that is why I sup­port Zoltan Ist­van for 2016 cam­paign.

Me and Ex­po­nen­tial Tech­nolo­gies In­sti­tute donated 10 000 USD for Im­mor­tal­ity bus pro­ject. This bus will be the start of Pres­i­den­tial cam­paign for the writer of “Tran­shu­man­ist wa­ger”. 7 film crews agreed to cover the event. It will cre­ate high pub­lic­ity and cover all top­ics of im­mor­tal­ity, ag­ing re­search, Friendly AI and x-risks pre­ven­tion. It will help to raise more funds for such type of re­search.