[Question] Are our community grouphouses typically rented, or owned?

Asking partially because the Auckland community really needs to start a grouphouse and could do with advice, and also I expect the answers to be interesting for a bunch of other reasons:

  • Intuitively, one might expect a mostly longtermist community to be interested in buying, rather than renting, and if they did, that could end up being quite interesting in economic and social terms, different residents may end up owning potentially different-sized ‘shares’ of the property, selling them when they leave (to the house, or to the new resident?) and buying them when they join. All of these things would be somewhat socially challenging, full of lessons, and worth talking about. It might also provide motivation to work on a less ambitious form of my Propinquity Cities, which can pretty much be paraphrased as a matchmaking system/​placement solver for grouphouses.

  • Alternately (and this is the impression I get), maybe everyone just rents. It would be the path of least resistance and you can make some arguments about the benefits of dynamism. In which case I’d want to start a discussion of whether that really makes sense, and whether it has made sense so far.

  • Alternately, maybe one person owns the house, and everyone else pays rent to them?