Help forecast study replication in this social science prediction market

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From their sign-up page:

Help the Repli­ca­tion Mar­kets team spot re­li­able sci­ence, and win $$!
From mid-2019 to mid-2020, we will run pre­dic­tion mar­kets on 3,000 re­cently-pub­lished so­cial and be­hav­ioral sci­ence claims. We want you to fore­cast the out­comes of pos­si­ble repli­ca­tion tri­als. On av­er­age, only about 50% of pub­lished so­cial sci­ence re­sults repli­cate, but it’s not a coin toss: four pre­vi­ous mar­kets have been about 75% ac­cu­rate. We think we can beat 80%, while fore­cast­ing 10-100x as many claims.
Join us to im­prove so­cial and be­hav­ioral sci­ence, try new kinds of mar­kets and sur­veys, and earn $$ prizes. (Over $100,000 in to­tal prizes, dis­tributed via Google Pay, among a tar­get pool of 500 fore­cast­ers based on ac­cu­racy and con­tri­bu­tions.)
Please look around, see the Repli­ca­tion Mar­kets Home Page for more de­tails, or click “Sign Up” to join.