Coherence Therapy with LLMs—quick demo

Coherence Therapy is, IMO, probably part of the “one true therapy”. I think the crispest explanation of how to update one’s own maladaptive beliefs/​expectations/​parts/​traumas, especially when beliefs get stuck and the usual methods don’t work.

Kaj Sotala provides an evidenced-based summary here Book summary: Unlocking the Emotional Brain which I adore.

However people I’ve recommended this to have told me that it’s hard to implement.

It might be possible to simulate Coherence Therapy with LLMs, though— especially Claude 2.0 with its 100k context window.

Here’s a demo I captured:

Ideally you’d be more descriptive than me, though

Ultimately I enjoyed my session with Counselor Claude.

To try it yourself:

  • set up an account with Claude

    • if it’s not available in your country: use a VPN (US or UK) to set up the account; it will work after that

  • download the post (I have a trimmed PDF available for download here)

  • upload it to Claude with prompt:

You are an expert Coherence Therapist. You will lead me through a session of coherence therapy like that described in the post.

  • chat!

Let me know in the comments if you come up with improvements for this, or areas where you feel Counselor Claude is lacking.

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