Blog Post Day II Retrospective

Satur­day was Blog Post Day II. It wasn’t as good as Blog Post Day. How­ever, I’m still glad I did it.

To my knowl­edge six peo­ple wrote posts for Blog Post Day II. How­ever, only one per­son (Ben Pace) finished on time and posted on LW. One other per­son (my­self) took an ex­tra two days to post, be­cause I wanted to get feed­back from some friends. In­ter­est­ingly, both Ben and I didn’t write the posts we origi­nally in­tended to write; we gave up on those and switched to our Plan B’s in­stead.

The re­main­ing four peo­ple seem to have mostly made good progress, even finish­ing their posts, but they are ei­ther post­ing el­se­where (I don’t know where) or sav­ing up their drafts to post later as part of a se­quence.

This is about 75% as much par­ti­ci­pa­tion as we had last time. I’m think­ing I should do these less fre­quently than ev­ery month. I’ll do the next one in 2-3 months prob­a­bly. If you want it to hap­pen sooner, say so! Th­ese things ex­ist to serve the pub­lic in­ter­est, so if you are in­ter­ested, make it pub­lic.