Blog Post Day II

TL;DR: You are in­vited to join us on­li­neon Satur­day the 28th of March, to write that blog post you’ve been think­ing about writ­ing but never got around to. This is the sec­ond event of this type; the first one went well. Please com­ment if you are think­ing about join­ing so I can gauge in­ter­est.

The Prob­lem:

Like me, you are too scared and/​or lazy to write up this idea you’ve had. What if it’s not good? I started a draft but… Etc.

Alter­na­tively: Coron­avirus got you down? Cooped up in­side? Look­ing for some­thing new to do, some­one new to talk to? How about you write a blog post?

The Solu­tion:

1. Higher mo­ti­va­tion via Time Crunch and Peer Encouragement

We’ll set an offi­cial goal of hav­ing the post put up by mid­night. Also, we’ll meet up in a spe­cial-pur­pose dis­cord chan­nel to chat, en­courage each other, swap half-finished drafts, etc. If like me you are in­tend­ing to write the thing one day even­tu­ally, well, here’s a rea­son to make that day this day.

2. Lower stan­dards via Time Crunch and Safety in Numbers

Since we have to be done by mid­night, we’ll all be un­der time pres­sure and any er­rors or im­perfec­tions in the posts will be for­giv­able. Be­sides, they can always be fixed later via ed­its. Mean­while, since a bunch of us will be post­ing on the same day, writ­ing a sloppy post just means it won’t be read much, since ev­ery­one will be talk­ing about the hand­ful of posts that turn out to be re­ally good. If you are like me, these thoughts are com­fort­ing and en­courag­ing.

Ev­i­dence this Works:

MIRI Sum­mer Fel­lows Pro­gram had a Blog Post Day to­wards the end, and it was enor­mously suc­cess­ful. It worked for me, for ex­am­ple: It squeezed two good posts out of me. (OK, so one of them I finished up early the next morn­ing, so I guess it tech­ni­cally doesn’t count. But in spirit it does: It wouldn’t have hap­pened at all with­out Blog Post Day.) More im­por­tantly, MSFP keeps do­ing this ev­ery year, even though op­por­tu­nity cost for them is much higher (prob­a­bly) than the op­por­tu­nity cost for you or me. And we did a Blog Post Day on LW last month and it worked great.

Side Benefits:

It’ll be fun!