[Question] Reasonable ways for an average LW retail investor to get upside risk?

By “upside risk” I mean: more upside risk than just holding the market.

By “reasonable” I mean: will not require an arbitrarily long education process to understand/​carry out. I work a day job and have other commitments in my life, and I’m not that fundamentally interested in finance/​investing. I’m not trying to get anywhere near an efficient frontier, I just want to be able to get upside risk more systematically than “some smart seeming EA/​LWer drops a stock/​crypto tip in a facebook group”.

By “average”: I assume I’m close to the LW median: I’m comfortable making kelly bets in the $1k - $100k range, depending on details. Mostly in the $10k range.

Are IPO ETFs a good candidate for this? SPACE SPAC ETFs? Buy and hold cryptocurrencies that aren’t BTC/​ETH? Buy and hold BTC/​ETH? Sell random call and put options? Something else? Emerging markets ETFs?