List of compartmentalized people (who both win and fail at truth-seeking)

Following up on an impromptu list XiXiDu made of famous recent scientists & thinkers who also held quite odd beliefs, I’ve created a wiki article with that list & a few other people.

This Discussion is posted for feedback on a few points:

  1. Is this a good idea in the first place? I feel vaguely uneasy, like it could be taken as a ‘hit list’ or a list of inviolable norms.

  2. What’s a better name? ‘Irrationalists’ is a bad name but the only half-way self-explanatory one I could think of at the moment.

  3. Who’s missing? There are currently only 8 people on the list right now.

  4. Is it reasonable to limit the list temporally only to people who lived in the 20th century & later, and so had access to all the data and philosophy done then that we take for granted?

  5. I added in a few ‘See Alsos’ that I could think of; are there more germane wiki articles? Especially LW articles? (I know Aumann in particular has been discussed occasionally by Eliezer—worth linking directly?)