[Question] Why is Kleros valued so low?

Kleros provides a system that allows smart contract in natural language to be written by letting randomly drafted juries evaluate the contract. It seems to me that this principle is incredibly powerful for all sorts of real world applications whether it’s arbitrating the outcome of a prediction market or making sure that the events listed in the prediction market follow rules spelled out in natural language.

At the moment it seems like Ethereums transaction costs are still limiting the utility of Kleros but either further progress in Ethereum or a Ethereum Virtual Machine on another chain is likely soon able to allow Kleros to provide the services more cheaply.

Kleros Market cap is currently at $58,597,050 (with $73,236,896 fully diluted) which is relatively low compared to other crypto-assets especially given that it has potentially so much real world use-cases compared to a lot of other blockchain projects without real world usecases. Either there’s some argument against Kleros that I’m not seeing or it should be valued 100-1000X of what it’s current value happens to be.