[Question] How do you deal with people cargo culting COVID-19 defense?

In Berlin there are rules for public transportation where all passengers have to wear FFP-2 masks. Nobody, seems to care whether people wear the masks in a way that seals. The security personal in public transportation only wears surgical masks. Whenever, I see security personal in public transportation they do nothing besides standing around. Security personal that stands around doing nothing might make people feel safer, but the idea of having security personal with less masking makes them unable to credible enforce mask wearing and endangers passengers. People on public transportation talk the same amount they did pre-COVID-19, seemingly not knowing that talking widely increases spread.

In the podcast between Spencer Greenberg and Jacob Falkovich, Jacob makes the point that it seems like people don’t understand that COVID-19 is caused by a virus and that they way to prevent getting it is to show one’s virtue by engaging in socially approved rituals against COVID-19.

It becomes increasingly hard for me to take people seriously and the security people with less masking then the passenger were a huge strike. How do you deal emotionally with it? Do you become cynic?